This page provides links to resources for Reproductive Health and Safety Education. Some of the Resources on this page were originally developed to align with the 2006 Standard Course of Study, however, they have been aligned to the most recent Healthful Living Objectives. Teachers may scroll through the page to access resources or use the table of contents quick links below.
Healthy Youth Act | Human Sex Trafficking


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Healthy Youth Act

This legislation provides the guidelines for teaching Reproductive Health and Safety in North Carolina.

Human Sex Trafficking

These resources are provided to meet the requirement of Senate Bill 279. Three Health Objectives in the ICR standard of 7th, 8th and 9th grades have been edited to accommodate these requirements.


Project No Rest

A statewide project to increase awareness and prevention around human trafficking and how it affects our children and young people as well as labor trafficking which affects all vulnerable individuals in North Carolina. Partnering with The UNC School of Social Work, the goal is to shine a light into the shadow that is human trafficking and reduce the number of youth trafficked while improving the lives of those affected by trafficking.

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