This page is intended to assist with the implementation of the CPR graduation requirement.

CPR Legislation

GCS-N-004 (State Graduation Requirements)

Letter of Guidance

Information from CPR Committee Meeting

Information from CPR Subcommittee Meeting

CPR Checklist

CPR Checklist 2 for use in cumulative folder

Power Schools Information on CPR

Link To North Carolina Graduation Plans PowerSchool

Student Information System

Graduation Plan

- Reference begins on page 17

AED Handout

This item is best printed on both sides of legal-size paper and folded along the dotted lines to produce a paper AED instructional resource.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other CPR Resources

American Heart Association's Hands-Only CPR

The American Heart Association's site includes resources such as a Hands-Only CPR Fact Sheet, FAQ, and Demos and Videos.

American Heart Association Hands Only Multimedia

This page on the American Heart Associations site includes multiples videos concerning Hands Only CPR.

This American Heart Association site is designed to help with CPR instruction and includes lesson plans, printables and a host of other resources.

American Red Cross Hands-Only CPR

The American Red Cross Hands-Only CPR site includes resources such as demonstration videos and Hands-Only CPR Ready Reference sheets in English and Spanish.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Resource
This link takes you to a website where you can download a free AED instructional video.

Save-A-Life Simulator
This link takes you to a first-person simulation of an emergency event. It is one resource found as part of the Heart Rescue Project. Click here to visit

Finding Funding for AEDs

This item from the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation provides information on finding funds to support implementation and maintenance of AEDs.

AHA Approved AEDs

This item from the American Heart Association provides information about implementing an AED program, including a list of AED manufacturers approved by the FDA. The list can be found on page 6 under item 3.